Spider Proofing



Whether it's a nasty white tail spider bite or it's the ghastly sight of cobwebs on the outside of your house or the creepy crawly insects inside or perhaps it's that feeling of another spider web across your face as you go outside. Whatever the reason we can get rid of it for you. Guaranteed for at least 12 months, friendly product which is good for your plants and safe for pets and children.
We keep it simple for you, I'm sick of seeing people say we only charge X amount and then they add a fee for the garage, clothesline,  etc, what a load of rubbish, aren't those places part of your house/property? We give you one price and EVERYTHING is included.

Inside, others expect you to cover this that and the other, heck you might as well do the whole job yourself with that rubbish, we just ask you to do a couple of things. We do the rest for you.

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