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Phone now to stop the party that's going on in your roof cavity from these Rats and Mice

Have you heard the telltale scratching sounds from in your roof cavity and walls? Noticed droppings or gnawed cables, plastic or wood?
Then you likely have a rat or mouse problem. But we can help.

Rodent trouble

New Zealand is home to several types of rat, the Norway or brown rat, ship or common rat and Kiore or Polynesian rat, as well as the house mouse. Not only do they carry disease and trigger allergies but they can also cause considerable damage to your household items, furniture and electric wiring.

Our solution

Our pest control experts will carry out an investigation of your home to find out if and where mice and rats have nested in your property. We’ll then get to work on resolving your rodent infestation using strategically placed tamper-resistant bait stations. We offer a first revisit at half price should any pests remain.

We can also advise you on how to keep those rats and mice away from your home by identifying holes and gaps that need sealing and providing tips on how to make your home less hospitable to rodents.

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Ask us about our sonic mouse repellent

to help deter pests from your property.


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