House Washing



We will use the method that suits best, we can use pure water to soft brush your house, or a harder brush or soft pressure washing. If you want to get the loose paint of your house for repainting we can use or pressure washer to remove it on the needed setting. You will be truly happen with the results.

Give your house a makeover and wash away the years, with our complete house washing service.

With multiple house washing techniques at our disposal, including pressure washing and soft or hard brushes, we can have your house looking almost new again.

Signs of age

Over the years it’s easy for the brickwork of your property to become stained with pollution or damaged by moss, lichens, algae and other plants growing in cracks and crevices.

Stains can be unsightly while moss or plant growth can weaken your brickwork, leading to all kinds of problems including dampness. That’s why removing these signs of ageing requires expert help.

A professional clean

With our specialist equipment, we’ll carefully restore a clean look to your brickwork while preserving its integrity. This includes removing peeling paint from your brickwork, so you can repaint it or enjoy the aesthetics of the uncovered brick.

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